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Fair, simple pricing

Our pricing is fair, simple, and transparent. You won’t find any surprises under the shell.

monthly retainer

Best for business owners who find it hard to commit but still want to make things happen.


/ per hour
sample tasks:
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lavender Care one

Best for business owners who prefer a hands-off approach to managing site security and updates. 


/ month

E-COMMERCE sites are $379 per month.

white label

Best for fellow developers and designers who want to make a little passive income.


how we can help you:
If you’re unsure of what pricing plan is for you
Absolutely! We recommend signing up for our monthly maintenance plan so you can just email us when you need support.
Do You Provide Custom WordPress Theme Development or Use Pre-built Themes

Both. Several factors, such as budget, timeline, and goals determine our best approach.

Is Training Provided for Managing the WordPress Website After Launch?
Yes, we offer training to empower you with the skills needed to manage and update your website effectively.
Do You Offer Hosting?
Yes. Our hosting is optimized for WordPress and includes regular backups, security updates, and technical support. The cost is $25 per month or FREE with our Lavender Care One Maintenance plan.
How Do You Handle Post-Launch Support and Bug Fixes?
We recommend clients to enroll in continuous maintenance services to ensure optimal performance of their website over time.
Absolutely! We specialize in technical search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to enhance your website’s visibility. Our services include a variety SEO techniques to improve your site’s ranking and performance in search engine results.
Can You Integrate E-commerce Functionality Into WordPress Websites

Yep! We can integrate WooCommerce into your existing theme or integrate any other supported eCommerce platform.

How long will my retainer hours last?
Hours expire after 30 days and do not rollover. There is a minimum of 5, so if you are unsure how much time you’ll need, start small. You can always add additional hours.

my hero in a half-shell


Lavender Turtle is BY FAR the easiest company I have ever worked with…You’ll be so impressed by the speed of this turtle…They are my hero in a half-shell. I shout their name from the rooftops and they will be the only company I use for all my web needs going forward.

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