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Hi, I’m Tasha, Chief Turtle.

I started this business after becoming frustrated with how the tech world was making itself inaccessible in both price and complexity to everyday entrepreneurs—freelancers, realtors, event planners, health professionals, and more. You may be on the small side now, but not for long! You deserve technical support and systems that can grow with you.

My team and I have over a decade of experience from coding, to web development, to CRMs, and more.  We’re not just going to design you a great product or customer solution; we’re here to support you for the long haul.

What’s my dream? Simple. It’s to help you achieve yours. Book a call and let’s talk today!

Welcome to The Shell!


Core Values

Inclusion and Diversity

As a black-owned business, we will never marginalize, underestimate, or undervalue our team or our clients.


There are no "one size fits all" solutions.  We get to know our clients so we can tailor our service to their needs.


If we mess up, we'll fess up. We also expect clients to call us out when we mess up so we can make it right.


We put our hearts and souls into everything we do. In other words, we don't do half-a** work.

Client Satisfaction

We create an amazing client experience. We care about our clients and celebrate them.

Honesty and Trust

We believe honesty and trust are essential for a healthy business relationship.

Awards, Certifications, & Memberships

WP Elevation Certified Digital Business Consultant Badge
Shopify Partners Badge
The Hill Creatives Black Creative Badge
Squarespace Circle Member Badge
Babe Crafted Member Badge
B - Best Web Developer(1)
Cloudways agency partner badge
Data Privacy Certified Agency Partner Badge
Freelancers Union Member Badge
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