March 23, 2023

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Women in Tech: Meet Tasha Hussey

Happy Women’s History Month to all the amazing women in tech! This month, we celebrate the contributions of women throughout history who have shattered barriers and made significant strides in the tech industry.

From Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, to Grace Hopper, who developed the first compiler, women have played a pivotal role in shaping the technology we use today.

Let’s continue to celebrate, empower, and inspire the next generation of women in tech!

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LT: What inspired you to pursue a career in technology?
TH: I have been fascinated by computers for as long as I can remember and wanted to learn all I could about them. I remember my first experience playing Oregon Trail on those huge Apple computers in the 80s. However, even though I had a love for technology, it wasn’t my first choice.. I remember wanting to be a movie star when I was 8, a teacher at 13, and a mathematician at 21. The closest to a movie star was probably my 6th grade Black History play, where I got to do a solo dance routine. By the time I was 22, I was teaching my first class on a college campus. I tried the math route and even majored in Financial Planning, but realized it didn’t bring me joy. While I do love me some math, I loved the feeling of being in front of a computer doing computery things more. It wasn’t until grad school though, that I finally majored in Information Systems, which set the stage for me to continue my tech career.

What challenges have you faced as a woman in the tech industry, and how have you overcome them?
TH: Being treated like I am incompetent or not as competent as my male counterparts. It’s inherently frustrating to be in a room full of people that have little to no respect for what you bring to the table.

I remember working as a Systems Administrator, tasked with a project to fix a web application. I fixed it and showed it to my co-worker (a male) who mentioned it to our boss via email. He never said he performed the work, but our boss gave him ALL the credit.

When my co-worker corrected him, his response was silence. He never once acknowledged any of my work during the short time I worked there, but he was furious when I decided to leave 🙄.
What I learned from that experience, is that my value is not dictated by anyone but myself. I get to choose what I do next. I let my work speak for itself and I encourage everyone to do the same.
Now I run a business that uplifts, encourages, appreciates, and promotes women in tech.

In your opinion, what can companies do to improve diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry?
TH: Be intentional about showing up in communities where diversity and inclusion exist and invite those people to a seat at the table.

What advice would you give to young women who are interested in pursuing a career in technology?
TH: Follow Nike’s motto: Just Do It. Keep in mind that a career in technology doesn’t always have to be related to programming or web development. It could be graphic design, social media management, digital marketing, SEO strategy, brand strategist, etc. Dabble around and see what it is that brings you joy and pursue that. I also recommend finding a mentor or apprenticeship so you can learn from other experts and work on real projects.

What technologies or trends in the tech industry are you most excited about?
TH: I recently started working with Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework. It’s been wonderful so far. In fact, it is what we used to build this site, which is backed by WordPress.

I’ve also been looking into no-code solutions as a method for quickly creating custom apps for internal use.

How do you stay current with the latest developments in the tech industry?
TH: I joined a few Facebook and Slack groups with other nerds where we can share the latest tech gossip, get assistance, or offer help. Beyond that, I watch lots of YouTube videos, attend virtual tech conferences, and take online courses when appropriate.

What are your goals for your career in technology, and what steps are you taking to achieve them?
TH: My biggest goal was to set goals and objectives for my business, which I accomplished earlier this year. Now, I am back to working on my Google Analytics certification and I plan to take the certification exam this year.

Meet the Author

  • Tasha Hussey

    Meet Tasha, the OT (original turtle) and visionary behind Lavender Turtle Creative, a very tranquil digital web agency since 2018. She holds one of those fancy grad degrees in Computer Information Systems and 23+ years of experience in higher education. She is a Certified Digital Business Consultant, 2018 Grow with Google Scholarship recipient, and an alumni + former Career Counselor at Skillcrush. When she is not solving tedious coding mysteries, you can find her playing tabletop RPGs, cracking jokes with her husband, being a boy mom to her human teenage son and 3-year old furbaby, or reading super scary books from her Central Texas home nicknamed “The Barn.”

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