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After auditing her website, we helped Jamie improve her mobile website performance by 186%



We conducted a Care Plan Readiness Assessment on While many of the aspects of this site were very good, the site failed the Google Page Speed portion of the assessment. While the site’s desktop speed was 92, its mobile speed was 43.

After discussing with our client, Jamie, we agreed this was an important area to focus on, to ensure that visitors to the site did not leave due to poor performance. Through image optimization and streamlining the number of plugins the site was using, we were able to improve her site. Her desktop speed rating is now 99, and her mobile speed rating is 80. With an almost perfect score on desktop and a nearly double improvement on mobile, Jamie can feel secure that visitors to her site are able to access it quickly, and see the wonderful services she provides her clients.

Key Outcomes

  • Desktop score had a 107.6% improvement.
  • Mobile speed score increased by 186%.

Services Provided

  • Lavender Care Plan Readiness Assessment
  • Page Speed Optimization


I reached out to Lavender Turtle Creative because I noticed that I was losing money due to my mobile page speed. Customers were clicking on my Google Ads but never making it to the site because they were exiting before the page would load. After trying to fix the issue myself with no noticeable results, I knew I had to reach out to the experts. Tasha and her team quickly identified the problem and implemented changes that produced immediate results. Whenever I had questions, they supplied me with detailed but easy-to-understand answers. When it later came time to migrate my site to a new hosting company, I returned to Lavender Turtle Creative. Once again, they helped me make the right decisions based on my needs and took the tech work off my hands. They were professional and helpful every step of the way.

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