Blessing Bethel Baptist with a Website

Bringing a church into a new age by helping them establish an online presence.



What do you do when there are two churches in the same town with the same name? How to you help ensure that people know where to find you? You bring your church into a new age with creating a website!

We were approached by Pastor Elder to establish an online presence for Bethel Baptist Church so that people can know who they are and where they are. Before Pastor Elder joined Bethel a few years ago the church didn’t even have an email address, so we were starting from scratch when it cam to creating their website. We need to first help them find their “brand” as a church and what they wanted to communicate about themselves. We needed to the find what set them apart from the other churches in their community, in particular the other Bethel Church in their town.

Once we established their brand we were able to begin the design and development of a WordPress website that met all of their needs. Upon completion, Bethel Baptist can now have all of their announcements in one place, post sermon notes online, direct viewers to their livestream services, accept giving online, and more. Pastor Elder and his congregation were very pleased with how the website turned out and we are grateful for the opportunity to help escort them into a new phase of life by entering the tech world!

Key Outcomes

  • Bethel Baptist Church now has an online presence to provide information to both first time guests and regular members.

Services Provided

  • Branding Creation
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Domain Configuration
  • Hosting


The service our church received when Lavender Turtle Support was assigned the task to build/develop our church’s website was nothing short of outstanding. They were timely with their support, listened to our input, and provided valuable suggestions that helped us reach the desired end state. The depth of knowledge and experience they possess helped them to provide quality suggestions in areas we had not considered. We now have a world class website that we are so proud of.


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