Crafting a New Directory Search with Babe Crafted

In an effort to make it easier for members to find each other, we helped Babe Crafted implement a new search function that filters in real time.



Gina was referred to us by one of our other clients. She was ready to give her member directory an upgrade. She had all the tools, but wasn’t sure what to do next.  We were able to install and configure a custom plugin to make it easier for members to filter and search her amazing directory of more than 150 creative entrepreneurs.

To take it a step further, we also helped her configure custom branded map with pins to each member’s business location across the United States and around the world.

Key Outcomes

  • Increased functionality and ease of use in the member directory search.

Services Provided

  • Squarespace Development Support for Freelancers


Not only was Tasha totally communicative, prompt, professional, but it was a world that I had no insight into. I had no idea what to look for or what to ask a developer. I was really looking for some support and guidance and Tasha provided that and much more. Our directory is something I'm very proud of. So I'm so grateful to Tasha of Lavender Turtle for helping me to make it as wonderful as it deserves to be.


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