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Featured Freelancer: Kenneth Elliott


Our mission this month is to connect with Black freelancers and Black-owned businesses. As a Black-owned business, we understand the importance of representation and visibility in the creative industry. Our goal is to create a space for Black freelancers to share their stories and inspiration throughout the month of February.

Today we feature Kenneth Elliot. Kenneth is the Professional Web Developer & Digital Brand Consultant for BKreative Media Solutions based in Columbia, South Carolina. With over 20 years of experience in web development, social media, and online marketing, Kenneth has developed creative and engaging brand concepts for over 500 clients. As the founder of a local creatives support group and co-organizer of the local WordPress Meetup chapter in Columbia, Kenneth focuses on making community happen wherever he goes.

Read more about Kenneth and join us on this journey to promote black excellence in the creative world. Let’s uplift and support each other and feel free to share your story in the comments! :muscle::skin-tone-5: :raised_hands::skin-tone-5:

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LT: What challenges have you faced as a Black freelancer? 

KE: My biggest challenge as a Black freelancer is finding genuine business or development support without a sales pitch; finding good sound business or development support without a sales pitch. I learned development and business through trial and error and didn’t have a mentor or coach to navigate me through the various freelancer hurdles. That ended up being my setback for most of my freelance career.

LT: How can Black freelancers use their experiences to create meaningful change? 

KE: My greatest mantra for creating meaningful change for Black freelancers is the “each one, teach one” pipeline for future freelancers. Also, participating in more meaningful projects that create change, and drive visibility to purpose-driven matters that influence other BIPOC freelancers and individuals.

LT: What advice would you give to other Black freelancers who are just starting out?

KE: My biggest advice for new Black freelancers is to intentionally build your network on and offline. Your community will define the support you crave and will provide the sound knowledge needed to help mold you into a purpose-driven individual. You never know, they might be your next business partner, referrer, investor, or best friend.

LT: What have been some of the most rewarding moments from your freelancing career? 

KE: The greatest reward is always being a part of a client’s dream now fulfilled into an actual business. They are trusting our expertise and knowledge to execute their vision, which will result in them getting paid for their passion, potentially obtaining financial freedom, and gaining control over their lives.

LT: How have you seen the freelance industry evolve in terms of inclusion and diversity?

KE: The freelance industry has improved in diversity but still has ways to go regarding inclusion. Most industries have allowed us a seat at the table, but our experiences can be nullified or voided based on skin tone or color. Inclusivity requires all voices to be heard equally and understanding my experience is not the same as yours.

LT: What do you believe is the most important thing for Black freelancers to remember during Black History Month?

KE: The most important thing to remember during Black History Month as a Black freelancer is that we are creating the next generation’s Black history. The next century’s stories of our greatness will be told by our children’s children. Your story may not live in a history book, but your story will help to rewrite our past and create a better future.

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