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Copywriting for Entrepreneurs Who Still Have Nightmares of 10th Grade English

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Your web designer is on your back for page content. You’ve had “BLOG” on your To-Do list for the past 5 months. You need a quick and witty quip to add to your social media campaign. There is nothing that can seem more daunting as an entrepreneur than staring down the white glare of a blank page. We feel your pain and we’ve got a secret to tell you:

Writing good copy has less to do with your wordsmithing skills and everything to do with being a good social observer.

Read that again. You DO NOT have to be an ace in the English language to write impactful copy. You DO need to be able to put yourself into your customers’ shoes to determine what they want to hear about what you need to tell them. Follow these steps and you’ll be cranking out beautiful nuggets of written wisdom faster than you can say, “I found this VW minibus on eBay and am considering becoming a hermit in the mountains of Utah to avoid this task…”

Create a writing ritual

One of the benefits of the COVID era is that many of us are still able to work from home for at least a portion of our week. Put on your most comfortable clothes. Find a space in your house or yard that makes you feel good and has minimal distractions. Make a mug of tea, coffee, or whiskey.

Want to level up? Add these two important things: 1) “Ground” your body first. Not familiar with grounding, find a free guided grounding exercise here. 2) Ask for help from wherever or whatever feeds you spiritually. Not spiritual? Then ask the incredible powers of your neural synapses to give you the creative ideas you need. Be sure to thank the source of your creative flow.

Write early

A calm mind breeds creative ideas. Aim to get your writing done early before you’ve jumped into the activities of the day. Our prime thinking hours begin about an hour into our workday. So if you can write then, follow the wise words of Confucius and “Just Do It.”*

Spend time thinking about your favorite/ideal customer

Don’t just think about them in a business sense. Think about them in a lifestyle sense. What do they value in life? What makes them feel important or special? What do they do in their free time? Jot down your ideas without judgment. Then think about what they would tell others about your business. Why do they like your products or services? What is their problem and how do you provide their solution?

Start in hard-copy

As a recovering perfectionist, I am more inclined to feel writer’s block if I am writing using the medium that will deliver the message. What do I mean? If I’m writing an important customer email and I write it from my email program, in the “New Message” email box, I am more likely to hit a creative wall. It’s the final method of delivery and it puts the brakes on my mind being able to feel the freedom to explore what I want to say.

If you have the time, try putting a pen to paper and writing your content first. This signals “draft” to your brain and removes that barrier of judgment from your text. You’ll find that as you then type those written words, your mind will begin editing and refining to produce exactly what you meant to say.

Let it rest if you can

Sometimes words need to simmer like a fine stew. Give it an hour or a day. Reread and make sure you like it. Then…

Edit down

In Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements, one of the agreements is “Be Impeccable with Your Word.” Look at every word you write. Does it have a purpose? Is it necessary? No? Chop it. Shorter=Better.

If you still need help, we’ve got you. Our creative team at Lavender Turtle is more than just wow-factor web design and oh-my-gosh-you-made-my-day-so-easy automation. We’ve got copywriters at the ready for those days or tasks that you are just not feeling. Contact us and let our teamwork make your dreams work.

*You caught us! It was Nike. Ancient wisdom or not, it’s still sage advice.


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