Gain peace of mind with your website.

You're a business owner and your time is precious. Let someone else manage your website so you can focus on the tasks that are important to you.

Do you have the expertise to look after your own website?

When you're running a business, you'll find as you progress, there are many tasks that appear which you didn't sign up to do.

Maintenance of your website is typically one of these tasks. You didn't sign up for this, so you'll either grudgingly be managing this yourself right now... or even worse, not looking after it at all.

WordPress is a piece of software, just like the software on your computer or mobile device on which you're currently viewing this page. Software needs to stay updated as security fixes and updates are released on a regular basis.

If you don't update software, you run the risk of problems occurring. For a website, this can be quite serious as it can lead to websites being hacked, stolen data, and exploits.

Do you have the experience to look after your own website? Most business owners do not.

Thankfully there are companies, just like ours, who are able to assist you with your website and bring you greater peace of mind.

Care Plans help your business to flourish and grow

A WordPress Care Plan is like a regular service for your car. It keeps your website secure, maintained, and up-to-date.

More importantly, having a Care Plan for your website will help your business to flourish and grow.

When you hand over the "busy work" of updating your website, keeping it secure, and making sure that everything is working as anticipated, you free up time.

You and your team can use this extra time to focus on the tasks that are most important in your business, whilst being comfortable in the knowledge that your website is in safe hands.

You and your team can use this extra time to focus on the tasks that are most important in your business, whilst being comfortable in the knowledge that your website is in safe hands.

Do you answer yes to any of these?

  • Wanting to grow your business and be confident in your website

  • Needing to take time out of your employee's day to keep your website updated

  • Worrying that your website could go down or be offline, harming the reputation of your business

  • Not having anyone to turn to if something goes wrong with your website

  • Concern that your website might not be backed up properly by your current hosting provider

  • Worrying that your slow website is losing you customers and sales

  • Not wanting to spend a fortune on plugin and license costs for any premium plugins or theme

  • Not having the time to spend on making changes to your site

Our WordPress Care Plans have been designed to help you with all of the above issues...and more!

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Yes, I'd like you to protect my website! 🙌

The simple fact is that your website needs protecting and keeping secure. If you're like most business owners, you also likely need some help with making updates and to have someone to ask questions to if you need assistance.

You know how important it is that your website is visible and available to your target audience. We know how to keep it secure and running successfully for you. Together, we can make sure your website is ready for you to show the world your products or services.

Your website was likely designed by another company or even internally by you and your team. Before we can accept your website onto one of our Care Plans, we need to run a Care Plan Readiness Assessment.

Our Care Plan Readiness Assessment is designed to take a deeper look at your website, how it has been built, the plugins in use, security setup, and more. Think of it as a health check for your website. We need to make sure that your website is healthy and in good order so that we can then continue to help you manage the website on an ongoing basis.

After completing our assessment, we'll provide you with a report of our findings and any action points that we recommend taking care of. As part of the service, you get 2 hours of our time included, so we can use this towards resolving any issues that we've found.

Ready to get started?

You can click the button below to order our Care Plan Readiness Assessment service. You'll be taken to our checkout to complete your purchase.

Our Care Plan Readiness Assessment is priced at $249, which includes our time spent auditing your website and also 2 hours of inclusive time assisting you with fixing any problems that we've found on your site.

After your order has been placed you'll receive a welcome email and instructions on how to securely send your login details over to us.

The process typically takes around 2-3 working days after we receive your purchase and schedule you into our systems.

We look forward to helping you with your website!

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Care Plan Readiness Assessment


one-time payment

Design & Construction Analysis

Issues / Problems Audit

Performance Testing

Website Security Review

PDF Report supplied with action points

2 Hours of inclusive time to resolve any issues found

What's Included in a Care Plan Readiness Assessment?

Our Care Plan Readiness Assessment looks at four key areas of your website.

The results are supplied as a PDF report with action points to let you know what needs resolving.

Finally, we include 2 hours of our time to help you with carrying out the recommended action points.


Design & Construction Analysis

We'll look at how your website has been created in WordPress, including the themes and plugins that have been used.

We'll take care to note any non-standard features as well as to ensure that your website has properly licensed plugins/themes.

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Issues / Problems Audit

We'll check your website to make sure that there are no obvious bugs, issues, or problems that would cause you problems in the future or prevent us from assisting you with a Care Plan.

Any issues found will be noted along with appropriate action steps.

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Performance Testing

As part of our Assessment, we'll carry out some performance and speed testing on your website.

Your website should be loading in around 2 seconds or less for your target audience, to ensure that they can read and understand your message easily.

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Website Security Review

Your WordPress website needs to be kept secure to keep everything running smoothly.

We'll review the current security protocols that you have in place, check your backup systems and ensure that everything is in good order.

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PDF Report with Action Points

Once we have completed the Assessment we will create and send over a PDF report document, with included action points.

This will let you know any items that need resolving on your website to improve your security or fix any errors.

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2 Hours Inclusive Time

We include 2 hours of our time to assist you with resolving any action points that we’ve found as part of the Assessment.

If you need more time than we’ve included, we can assist with further action points at our standard hourly rate.

Lavender Turtle has provided me with an excellent care plan over the past couple of years. The service is made available at a very affordable price. Having my web hosting and maintenance service provided by Lavender Turtle affords me the opportunity to free up my time to devote to other areas of the sole proprietorship business. It also gives me peace of mind that my site hosting services will always be updated and monitored, particularly during a time when web security is a major concern. A BIG THANK YOU to Lavender Turtle for the excellent service you have provided and will continue to provide me over the years.

Eric Nathan

Nathan Productions

Care Plan Readiness Assessment


one-time payment

Design & Construction Analysis

Issues / Problems Audit

Performance Testing

Website Security Review

PDF Report supplied with action points

2 Hours of inclusive time to resolve any issues found